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Netherlands Children’s Book Author, Koos Verkaik signed on

Koos Verkaik's books

Netherlands Children’s Book Author, Koos Verkaik signed on

Outer Banks Publishing Group recently signed a four-book contract with Scifi and children’s book author Koos Verkaik of The Netherlands.

Author Koos Verkaik

Author Koos Verkaik

Koos’ Saladin, the Wonder Horse, a four book series, is about a poor Saxon girl, who is given a special horse, Saladin, by a mysterious knight during the turbulent times in 12th century England during the reign of Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood.

The series will be published in early 2018.

Koos says he developed his own writing voice and that is what makes his books different, according to an interview with Circle of Books.


“My books are different from other writers, they are all typical ‘Koos Verkaik Books’. I love it to make the reader wonder what it is all about and where it will lead to. But I never liked books that end without the reader knowing what it was all about. Therefore I always come up with explanations. Why one should buy them? Buy one of my books and I take you by the hand, lead your through the most insane situations, you will have a great time and after having read the last word, you will say: “Yes, that was worthwhile!” Up to the next Koos Verkaik Book!”

Koos, a ‘Dutchy’ with spunk and an inexhaustible drive and fathomless imagination, is one of the most prolific authors of Scifi and children’s books in The Netherlands. His novels, All-Father and Wolf Tears,  earned him the moniker, the Dutch Stephen King.

He wrote his first Scifi novel, Adolar, in a weekend  when he was 18 years old and the manuscript was published shortly thereafter.

Koos has published over 60 books, both children’s books and novels, many hundreds of comic scripts, and he has worked as a copywriter. He is currently working on several screenplays and new novels.

To read more about Koos and his work visit his website at www.koosverkaik.com or follow him on Facebook.

His most recent interview can be read on authorsinterviews.

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