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OBPublishing Brush No textThe publishing industry has been undergoing a paradigm shift that is catastrophic for the industry. The old business models, born out of The Great Depression, and still in use today no longer work with the onset of the new digital printing technologies, social networking, and the Internet.

What it means for you as an author is that your dream of being published by traditional publishing houses is more difficult because the houses can no longer afford to take as many risks with unknown authors.

Outer Banks Publishing Group is different.

We are one of the first publishing houses to use state-of-the-art digital printing technologies, social networking, virtual marketing, and the Internet to produce, promote, sell, and brand you and your book in the largest market in the world – the Internet. We are referred to as a “hybrid publisher” using elements of the traditional book publishing model with those of digital printing and social networking.

Outer Banks Publishing Group was created with the same innovative and pioneering spirit displayed by the Wright Brothers who achieved the first flight more than 100 years ago. Hence, the name seems appropriate for what we hope to achieve in the publishing industry.

No more waiting 12 to 18 months for your book to be published and distributed to the marketplace.  We can have your book ready for sale in 6 weeks or less.

Your dream of being a published author will come true with Outer Banks Publishing Group just as the Wright Brothers believed that man would fly one day.

Just send in your book query and wait to hear back from us. Be sure to visit the query page for submission requirements.

About the PublisherAnthony S. Policastro, Publisher, Outer Banks Publishing Group

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