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    Author Links

    A CONSERVATORY OF ONE – Exploration of writing and more
    A NEWBIE’S GUIDE TO PUBLISHING – JA Konrath’s colorful and useful blog
    AGENT QUERY – A comprehensive list of agents
    ALL BOOK MARKETING – a blog on book marketing and publicity
    ASK WENDY’S WEBLOG – 10 questions for authors and where you can also ask questions
    AUTHORBUZZ – a new marketing service for proactive authors

    GRAMMAR CHECK – English grammar and writing for creative, academic, and professional
    Be sure to check out their infographic on the different meanings of words that sound alike


    BACKSPACE – a trove of helpful information
    BOOKS ON THE KNOB – a site with free eBooks, and a blog about reading, book reviews, the Amazon Kindle and bargain books/ebooks, with some technology and computers tossed in now and then
    BUZZ, BALLS AND HYPE – marketing advice for authors

    FREE ONLINE NOVELS – Another site offering free eBooks
    INTERNET BOOK DATABASE – a place for book lovers and a place for authors
    JOE WIKERT’S PUBLISHING 2020 BLOG – a book publisher’s future visions LIT AGENCY VIDEO by Tom Jagninski
    LULU BlOG – Adventures in Self Publishing

    OBOOKO – Free downloadable ebooks
    PREDITORS AND EDITORS – a good source about both sides of publishing
    PUB RANTS – Agent Kristin Nelson’s Blog on Publishing

    SELLING BOOKS – a comprehensive guide to writing, publishing and marketing books and ebooks
    SMASHWORDS – A place to buy and sell online novels in multiple formats for multiple devices
    THE BOOK TRIB – the place where you can find all the book news that matters from all over the web.
    THE DOG IS CHASING GHOSTS – What every author needs to know about Online Marketing and then some.

    THE LL BOOK REVIEW – a great place for really good book reviews

    THE PUBLETARIAT – for people who publish
    THE REJECTOR – blog by an agency assistant with attitude

    THE WRITER’S EDGE – useful information for aspiring and published authors

    TELEREAD: BRING THE EBOOKS HOME – a blog on ebooks and its readers

    WEBDELSOL – the literary place on the Internet
    WIKIPEDIA – useful online encyclopedia
    WRITER UNBOXED – A site designed to “unbox” genre writing through discussion
    WRITERS BEWARE BLOG! – Learn to be scamproof

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