What We Do

Road II

The road to publishing is not always a smooth one. One of the biggest bumps in the road is the marketing of your book after it is published. Most authors will tell you writing the book and getting a publishing contract is the easy part. Marketing and selling is the hard part. Many get stuck in the sand.

Outer Banks Publishing Group is one of the first publishing houses that treat you, the author, as a partner in the promotion and sale of your book. We are open to suggestions that will ultimately expose your work to potential readers and sell more copies of your book whether it is electronic or in print.

In addition, here is what we will do for you:

  • Provide editorial guidance to make your book the best it can be
  • Actively solicit your input in the design of the cover. After all who knows your book best.
  • Publish your book as an eBook on various retail eBook sites including the Amazon Kindle
  • Publish your book as a trade paperback and distribute on Amazon and book retailers internationally if it qualifies.
  • Set up a Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking site accounts if you do not already have them
  • Send press releases to appropriate media
  • Actively market your book in as many channels as possible for maximum exposure

The sands of the publishing world have shifted dramatically, but Outer Banks Publishing Group is on solid ground.