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Sex After Sixty wins this year’s Wattys

Sex After Sixty wins this year’s Wattys

Recognizing the best in Digital Storytelling

Ok, so what is a Watty? You’ve watched the Oscars. You know what an Oscar is.BookCover6x9_Cream_290FINAL TO PRESS What, pray tell, is a Watty?

The Wattys are Wattpad’s official annual awards that celebrate the best in digital storytelling. Be it fanfiction, romance, urban, sci-fi, poetry, or short stories, we acknowledge stories of all genres and styles.

Please join us in congratulating Outer Banks Publishing Group Author Mary I. Tabor whose bestselling memoir, (Re)MAKING LOVE: a sex after sixty story, won the Watty for Best of Interactive Storytelling.

One of the things that makes Wattpad unique is the way stories, images, and video are used to support plot and characters. This year’s Wattys were a great success with over 14,000 stories submitted.

Mary L. Tabor

Author Mary L. Tabor

Every year at Wattpad headquarters, where some 96 folks work in Toronto, the Wattpadders have their version of the Oscars and they call it, The Wattys!

The amazing Wattpad is the brainchild of Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen, who had an inventive idea that people love to read, love human expression and that is the real news.

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BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Women

Excerpt from (Re)MAKING LOVE

I removed my shirt after he kissed me. I removed my shoes and socks and trousers. My feet stuck to the floor because it had been treated with something that is done to floors before the final flooring is laid. He removed my panties that I’d chosen special to go with the bra even though they didn’t match. I wore the bra with the tiny pink ribbons, one on the edge of each strap, the black bra with pink-stitched quilting across my breasts. My panties were sheer pale cream with a scalloped edge of embroidered flowers. The flowers, rimmed with green embroidered leaves, were the same shade of pink as the tiny ribbons, so tiny one would think a fairy or an angel child had tied them. I thought, Angel fingers on my chest, where the thin black straps lay, where the ribbon barely touched my skin…

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