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Can The iPad Or The Kindle Save Book Publishers?

Publishers trying to find new ways to get readers to share their content

Written by Free Audio Books – Free audiobooks on September 27, 2009 – 7:08 pm

Publishers, meanwhile, are devising ways to persuade readers to share more, in much the same way they use “search engine optimization” strategies so search engines will rank them higher in search results. A personal recommendation, they say, can be just as powerful as a referral from Google.

“If a link is coming from a friend, you are probably going to trust it more than if it comes from Google, saying, ‘This is what you should visit,’ ” said Jay Meattle, founder of Shareaholic, a year-old start-up offering free sharing software that plugs into the Firefox browser.

Google takes on Amazon in print on demandTechFlash (blog)

Amazon also has its own print-on-demand service, BookSurge, which it’s been seeking to expand through deals with universities and others.

Hachette Livre Offers Print On Demand Services for French Book MarketCMSWire

By Marisa Peacock | Sep 17, 2009 How do you say print-on-demand in French? It might sound something like Lightning Source. The leading print-on-demand (POD)

Amazon fails to end lawsuit over print-on-demand

A federal court judge in Maine has denied a motion by Inc. to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit brought last year by an independent print-on-demand

QPharma, Inc. Offers On-Demand Printing ServicesReuters

On-Demand Printing allows sales representatives and management to order only materials that they need, when they need it, saving time and cost over

German Buch News: Lubbe Plans 1.2m 1st Printing of The Lost Symbol

By Siobhan O’Leary

Responding to the phenomenal sales of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol in the US, Brown’s German publisher Lübbe has ordered an additional 400,000 copies on top of original 800,000 copy first printing, BuchMarkt reports.


Forrester: E-Readers Too Pricey – Business Week
Most people already knew this, but here is the data to prove it.

Posted by: Douglas MacMillan on September 03
Last month Sony began selling the most affordable electronic book reader on the market, its Pocket Edition, for $200. Turns out, even that’s too steep for most people.

New research from Forrester shows most consumers would only consider the purchase of an e-reader that cost between $50 and $99. Here’s a chart showing how different types of respondents answered the question, “At what price would you consider an electronic book device/eBook reader expensive but still purchase it?”


The Ebook Market Just Got Hotter

By Anthony S. Policastro

If you thought the eBook market was hot before, it just went super nova with Smashwords newest distribution to “major online retailers, the first of which is Barnes & Noble and their various properties including, Fictionwise, and their eReader app.”

Like the other 2,600 authors on Smashwords, I received an email Friday evening from Smashwords owner and creator, Mark Coker announcing the new distribution arrangement.

“To put everything in perspective, we’re developing a process that will enable
your books to receive widespread retail distribution within days or weeks of
publishing on Smashwords. Some of what we’re doing here has never been done
before, so like I said above, please be patient as we work together to pioneer
the brave new world of ebook distribution,”
wrote Mark Coker in the email.

In addition, Barnes & Noble just ramped up its eBook efforts and currently has more than 700,000 eBook titles listed on its site and it hopes to surpass one million books within the next year. The book retailer will also be the exclusive eBook provider to Plastic Logic‘s upcoming eReader device – an eight and a half by eleven inch device with a touch screen and wireless capabilities for downloading content. AT&T will be the wireless carrier for the reader and this means users in Europe and parts of Asia will be able to download content. The Kindle’s wireless feature works only the United States.

All of these developments could be a paradigm shift in the eBook market because Barnes and Noble is opening its arms and accepting the work posted on other commercial eBook sites. They are clearly scooping up as much market share as possible to compete against the Amazon Kindle. (See the related article below in The New York Times.) Even their pricing model is similar to Amazon‘s with major titles selling for $9.99 – the same price as the Kindle. Dan Brown‘s The Lost Symbol is featured on Barnes and Noble eBook site as a preorder for $9.99.

What’s more significant is that you can download a book from Barnes and Noble and read it on your iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry or PC or Macintosh by simply downloading the B&N eReader software for the particular device. And they announced they will be adding additional devices. Kindle books cannot be read on the Blackberry or on a PC or Macintosh. This move could pull market share from the Kindle.

It will be interesting to see how the eBook market evolves in the next few months or years with these two titans battling for the same market share on an equal playing field. If Barnes and Noble keeps its pricing in line or lower than Amazon and stays a step ahead of the technology, they could be the winner.

Smashwords photo is the official logo of The photo of Plastic Logic’s new eReader is from Plastic Logic’s website.



Clive Thompson on the Future of Reading in a Digital World

By Clive Thompson Email 05.22.09

Illustration: Michael Bierut/Pentagram; book: Istock Photo
“Books are the last bastion of the old business model—the only major medium that still hasn’t embraced the digital age. Publishers and author advocates have generally refused to put books online for fear the content will be Napsterized. And you can understand their terror, because the publishing industry is in big financial trouble, rife with layoffs and restructurings. Literary pundits are fretting: Can books survive in this Facebooked, ADD, multichannel universe?”



Amazon Ends Relationship with North Carolina Affiliates

By Chris Crum – Sun, 06/28/2009 – 10:13
Blames Proposed Taxes from the State

North Carolina residents who are Amazon Affiliates recently received an email telling them the company would be ending its relationships with them due to the North Carolina state legislature getting ready to, as Amazon puts it, “enact an unconstitutional tax collection scheme.” ______________________________ TELEREAD: BRING THE EBOOKS HOMEimage

Kindle on Windows Mobile soon? Plus other apps? Job ads give clue.

By David Rothman Published June 28,2009 Amazon has been looking for engineers familiar with mobile-related software, including Windows Mobile. Will a Kindle app will soon appear for for this OS and others, including Android? ___________________________________ THE NEW YORK TIMES Technology / Internet

Simon & Schuster to Sell Digital Books on

By BRAD STONE Published: June 12, 2009 The publisher said it would make about 5,000 titles available for purchase as the book industry sought alternatives to Amazon’s Kindle store. ____________________ FROM PUBLISH AND SELL

We Knew This Day Would Come–The Number of On-demand Titles Topped Traditional Books in 2008

I don’t know how this one slipped by me, but last week Publishers Weekly reported that another key milestone for self-publishing was reached:

“The number of new and revised titles produced by traditional production methods fell 3% in 2008, to 275,232, but the number of on-demand and short run titles soared 132%, to 285,394. The on-demand and short run segment is the method typically used by self-publishers as well as online publishers.–which are representative of most self-published titles. With the decline in the number of traditional books released last year and the jump in on-demand, the number of on-demand titles topped those of traditional books for the first time.”

OBPublishing Logo 25

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