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Another Author Sells 1 Million Kindle Books

Another Author Sells 1 Million Kindle Books


Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris

The LA Times reported on May 11 that Novelist Charlaine Harris is now the fourth author to sell 1 million ebooks on the Kindle. Harris is best known for her urban fantasy Sookie Stackhouse series and her books are the basis of the HBO television show “True Blood.”

Steig Larsson crossed the 1-million Kindle ebook mark first, followed by James Patterson, Nora Roberts and now Harris, Amazon announced Wednesday.

This article also shows the genres that are the top sellers in the ebook market.

Just another harbinger of things to come in the publishing industry. Read the rest of the story here.



Photo:  Charlaine Harris at the premiere of the third season of “True Blood’ at  the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on June 8, 2010. Credit: Michael  Buckner / Getty Images

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